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Choosing The Right Baby Cloths

by Lee Bumgarner file under misc with tags

Welcoming a baby into this world is one of the most wondrous miracles that life has to offer. This beautiful process is a blessing and a huge responsibility as well. Many new parents mark this beautiful occasion by getting professional photographers like Kristy Mannix Photography to take wonderful photographs to capture these magical moments. Once you have a baby, you are completely responsible for every aspect of this tiny little being. According to the experts at, many new parents are overwhelmed by how to dress up their little ones.

Since babies grow up pretty quickly, it is advised not to spend too much on clothes for the first few months. Here are a few tips to get the little one’s wardrobe ready for the first couple of months:

· Infant Gowns These outfits are easy to wear and also offer easy diaper access, making it a favorite among new mommies. They keep your baby clean and also irritation free.

· Bodysuits or Onesies Every baby needs a onesie in its wardrobe. However, you need to choose one that has a wide head opening and are easy to wear. Interestingly, some onesies come with extra flaps along the shoulders to help you move the outfit in case of a diaper explosion.

· One Piece Pajamas This one piece item is great to make your baby feel comfortable and look adorable as well. Make sure that the fabric is light and breezy and can be worn easily without any hassles.

· Blanket Sleepers Rather than getting a blanket, a blanket sleeper is a safer option since it prevents the baby from pulling it over their head by mistake. Don’t forget to check that the blanket sleeper has no drawstrings which are a huge strangulation hazard.

· A Few Pairs Of Socks If you live in the colder part of the country, it is advisable to stock up on at least 5-7 pairs of socks. Since the baby will not be walking yet, you can get a lot of use out of these socks, and they look super cute as well.

The number one requirement while shopping for young babies is making sure that the fabric is light and soft. Experts recommend choosing cotton since they are also soft on the skin and also good for kids who tend to be prone to eczema.

Choosing the right sized baby clothes can be a little tricky. Since the outfits are usually marked according to the age of the baby, some babies tend to be a little smaller or on the larger side. Hence it would be wise to consider the toddler’s height and width while choosing outfits. Some brands also tend to differ in the standard sizes, so always do keep you bill handy in case you need to exchange the outfit for the right size. It is wiser to pick out clothes that can be removed easily. This is often accomplished via buttons or zippers in the appropriate locations. Since babies are naturally a little wiggly, you need all the help you can get!